bilde (1)Senior Pastor Roosevelt Toussaint


 A young man who was born in Haiti the second poorest country in the world, came to America in July of 2003 to fulfill the American dream. It was a very hot summer when he arrived in Baltimore Maryland and set his foot for the first time in America, the land of opportunities, the land of the free and the brave.  From there, he rode about 160 miles to a little town called Fruitland where he had one contact by the name of Rev Gloria Ortiz who sustained him with foods and provided clothing and shelter for him during two long years until he was able to help himself. This young man has become Rev Roosevelt Toussaint, the founder and president of the Word of Life Center Ministries.


 The call came very loudly and clearly on a very cold winter, a Sunday afternoon of February 1993 when the Lord spoke to me these words, “It is time to invest in your own people; for I have called you to make a difference in their lives.”   Knowing fully well of what and of whom the Lord was talking about, I hardened my heart during a whole year resisting to that direct command of the Lord.  The Lord was telling me in essence that it was time for me to begin to help, serve and assist the Haitian People in the community in whatever possible way.  At that time, there were about 10,000 Haitian People living in the Delmarva Peninsula which includes the lower shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  That number has now been more than triple; for our last statistics revealed that there are about 30,000 Haitians living in the area.


Those words spoken by the Lord had never left me; they continued to echo in my hearing day and night. My unwillingness to engage in such a task caused me to become depressed and very miserable. So after   such a strong and continuous insistence from the Lord, I answered the call; and I am so glad that I did.  So on the second Sunday of July 1994, the Word of Life Center Ministries was born at 101 S Camden Avenue Fruitland, MD, then in the Summer of 2000, we moved to 504 Delaware Avenue then more recently in December 2012, we moved to 1216 Jersey Road, Salisbury, MD