Word of Life Center Video with Pastor Toussaint



Word of Life Center’s

Impact on the Eastern Shore of Maryland


We are pleased to tell you that from the day we opened our door, we have touched many families and individuals of Haitian descent in many aspects.

On a spiritual level, many of them have turned from Voodooism to Christianity.  Many have been healed from diseases such as, cancer, tuberculosis, migraine headache, rheumatism, demonic and satanic curses, and so forth.

On a humanitarian level, we have provided food, clothing and shelter for a lot of new comers who had no families in the area.  We have also provided transportation to and from work for many on a weekly basis.

On the educational level, we have brought many of them into the main stream of the American Culture by teaching them English and American History thereby preparing them toward the path of American citizenship. Most of our congregation are either legal residents or American citizens who are eligible to vote. We have helped and encouraged our young people to better educate themselves by going to college.  Now, many of them are either college graduates or are attending college.

On a social level, we have been able to encourage the necessities to have strong family ties and solid marriage relationship among them. We have taught our young men and women to become dependable parents who care for and love their children.  Consequently, many have become first time home owners, and have participated in their kids social activities such as, soccer and baseball games, PTA meetings  etc.  As a whole, we have seen and witnessed first hand with our very eyes that many of our Haitian men and women have become better components of our society.  A lot of them have become volunteers in our organization to help others who are less fortunate.